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Joanne Pullin is the owner of Roaming Rovers.  She grew up in Newfoundland always having dogs, her father being an avid hunter.  At a very young age she helped open the first S.P.C.A. in Corner Brook Newfoundland and boarded several in her home until the shelter was available. She made her move to Nova Scotia in 1986 and continued her life with dogs.  Training under several trainers over the years, Joanne has experience with basic obedience and operant conditioning.

She thrives on using techniques with dogs that are balanced and gain the respect of the dogs. She operated a canine security company for several years in the 1990′s, as well as competing in fly ball competitions throughout Atlantic Canada and the eastern United States. Joanne is an experienced dog breeder previously breeding Golden retrievers, and had a few litters of Dobermann's. 

She occasionally offers some private training but her main focus is caring for the dogs coming to Roaming Rovers for boarding and daycare. In-home boarding began at the request of neighbours and friends and eventually became a business, becoming Roaming Rovers Dog Kennels Inc. in July 2005. Joanne currently shares her home with her family and 4 dogs, and a cat! 

Dogs that visit us are in her home, not a kennel style set up. As an added bonus we have a staff team of 10 that ensure your dog is well exercised fed and cared for. 

Joanne and the staff are skilled at working with dog socialization. We will make suggestions for your dog if we feels some improvements can be made. We are experienced in all aspects of care for your dog. 


A personal message from Joanne Pullin.

Hi all fellow dog lovers!

Thanks for dropping by our site. These past few years have been great to say the least. I have been fortunate to have had the opportunity to meet many new dog friends over the past few years and I would like to thank all of the owners who trust me to care for their best friends and family.  Caring for your dogs has given me so many experiences, mostly wonderful, a few less than wonderful!  My biggest reward is when you tell me how excited your dog is to come back here. That is my goal here, for your dog to have a great time, with the least amount of stress possible.  I believe when you go away and you are not able to take your pets, the best place for them to stay is in their own home. There are also exceptions to this rule where we can honestly say they do better here than at home! lol.  I believe Roaming Rovers is the best place for most dogs. It’s not for all and I would be lying if I said it was. For dogs who love to play and run this is where it happens. We are good at keeping dogs well exercised and engaged so they are not bored.  Again, thank you to all my clients and for those I haven’t had an opportunity to meet I hope we do meet in the near future!





Joanne Fantastic web site and I love the pictures! I have been bringing my dogs to Roaming Rovers regularly for a long time(Pepper& Shelby). Your love of dogs and genuine care makes me feel safe knowing that Reese is well cared for and she is very comfortable there also. You have even cared for REESE when she was recuperating towards t...

Jocelyn & Burton

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We observe all 12 NS holidays.

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